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08-25-2007, 05:57 AM
Hello everyone my name is Bruce Clark I have lived here in Bibb county all my life.My grandfather was Charles G Bruce everyone called him by Charles .He was a good Auto Mechanic worked for Bill Griffin from Macon and James Hendrix from Lizella passed only when i was nine years old. I can remember our property line was old wooden fence and our garden was a good ten minute walk from the house.My father was never around much after the divorce 6 months old at the time they say.But grandpa was the man he use to pick me up from school every day and we would go fishing or hunting.Remember having to hand him a few wrenches before we did anything.It was a way of life.Longtime has passed Our fence is now chain and our garden is now housing projects.Old Bill's place is now a shopping center where Dick's Sporting Goods is.Good ol James well I heard he took his own life because he got where he could not take care of his self anymore.All I ever did was hunt and fish a lot i guess cause sometimes it was like grandpa was still there.Well I am looking forward to meet new friends here and maybe meet up with old ones who also developed a love of passion for hunting also.I love deer hog and turkey hunting well lets just say what ever i can kill with my bow :) Got a stand in Twiggs County at relatives place.The old property I use to hunt and fish growing up with grandpa is now sold or leased out.Bow season just around the corner looks like I am gonna live in woods for a few months.

08-25-2007, 12:27 PM
WELCOME!!! :cheers:

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welcome aboard

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Welcome!!! Enjoy the forum.

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Welcome !!

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Glad to have you at camp

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'mon in.....and enjoy :cheers: