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I understand . The closest place for me is Cabelas in Ft Oglethorpe Georgia a little over a 100 miles. One option I use when I can't personally touch or see the material I want to buy is to call Feather-Craft 1-800-959-1707.
The young lady who answers the phone has no problem letting me talk to someone in the store who is a " fly tyer" . The guy who I usually talk to is alway familiar when I describe the qualities tha I'm looking for in a particular feather or fur, so far he has picked winners for me each time.
He also is good about letting me know when they don't have anything on the shelf that really meet whatever particular standard I'm looking for, so he doesn't waste my money. That's probably what I like best about that shop.
BTW if anyone knows where I can find any dark Olive Guinea feathers with mostly small spotting in the feathering drop me a line. Lately hens teeth are easier to find.��

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