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I have spent over four decades fishing here in western NC, and spent a good bit of that time fishing for walleyes. I'm far from being a walleye expert, but I've caught a lot of them over the years, like hundreds or thousands. You can catch a walleye or two on almost anything, but if I'm going out to try to get a limit of walleyes day in and day out, there are only a handful of things I'll fish with.

Early in the year when they're in the rivers or on the banks, a nightcrawler on a spinner rig or 1/8-1/4 oz. jighead. 3" chartreuse curlytail on a 1/4 oz jighead. Perch colored shad rap or Wally Diver.

The rest of the year: Nils Master or Rapala ice jigs. 3/4 oz Hopkins Shorty spoon in chrome. 1 oz Flex-it spoon in blue/white.

That's pretty much it, at least here. Your mileage may vary on Lanier or Lake Erie.
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