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Originally Posted by Shawn Holcombe View Post
Congratulations!! I grew up fishing lanier. Sure do miss it!
Thanks, it's a really cool body of water. Challenging, but not unwilling to reward you.

Originally Posted by 61BelAir View Post
Nice work!! I read several others saying they haven't had much luck on Lanier for stripers lately. I've only caught a few stripers/hybrids and all under ten pounds from the bass boat. I can't imagine having to deal with a big one in my kayak.
Well, the first thing that happens is they start towing you. Even the small ones will pull you around a bit, but the big ones can really take you for a "sleigh ride". Then when you get them close, you've got to pick your spot to get them lipped or netted. I'm looking forward to really getting tied into a real stud, just gotta keep hauling water.
All jokes now with 50% more walleye! 'Merica Man, back by popular demand!
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