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Default The Ol Captain to dance a Jig?

The Ol Captain to dance a Jig?

It was suggested at breakfast this morning that while sitting in my spot near the Crooked Creek Bridge and waiting on a Catfish to bite that I might try something new. A friend mentioned that I might try jigging a spoon or lure of some sort up and down in the 30 ft of water where I am anchored while waiting on Mr. Whiskers. This would be new to me but I’m always willing to learn. Any suggestions?

Speaking of suggestions, I host what we call the “Whosoever will Men’s Breakfast” every Monday morning at 8:00 AM at the Milledgeville, Ga IHOP. All men are welcome, and we would be honored to have YOU join us some time! Below you will see our group from this morning.

L-R today: C.B. Cornett, me, Tommy Leslie, Randy Malone, Tommy Bass, Tony Briggs, Anthony Shinn, Larry Gilliam, Clyde Moore, Johnny Fowler, Danny Blair, Ben Duren and Mike Farmer!
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