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Originally Posted by olcaptain View Post
Great report and pics!
Thanks for the kind words. Like many here, I'm a big fan of your work as well!

Originally Posted by Rabun View Post
Nice job Coenen! Sounds like you had the formula figured out! Great looking catches there! I zero'ed on the stripers Sat...Glad you got into some nice quality fish...that striper is a beast!
I've not gotten to fish near as much this year as last year, but I feel it's been a bit tougher all around this year. I like the free line bite a lot. You never know what you'll run in to when that rod leans back.

Originally Posted by Cletus T. View Post
Excellent report and nice catches man………I like your dedication in taking that yak out there on the Big Waters of Lanier!

Congrats on the PB too
Thanks Cletus! These fish could've made it easy and just come to me, instead I had to find a way to go to them! The kayak is a fun way to get out there.
All jokes now with 50% more walleye! 'Merica Man, back by popular demand!
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