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Originally Posted by REMINGTON710 View Post
i dont have one, but support the bill. what would you say in an email to the governor?

Just ask politely that he sign HB89 as soon as it reaches his desk. Here are a few examples of Emails that have been sent.

Dear Governor Perdue,

As a Georgia Firearms License holder and avid outdoorsman and hunter, I am respectfully requesting that you sign HB 89 as soon as it comes to your desk.

Nationwide statistics have clearly show that responsible gun owners (permit holders) are among the most law abiding citizens in today's society. Not to mention a recent poll in the Atlanta Journal Constitution showed that 85 percent of the people that participated in the poll were in favor of the bill.

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.


Dear Governor Perdue,

I am writing in order to express my support of HB89. I urge you to sign the bill as soon as possible so that the law abiding citizens of the great state of Georgia can continue to protect themselves and their families.

Best Regards,


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