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Default URGENT-Call the Governor Today!

This was copied from another forum that I visit........

Mayor Frankin with a host of others held a "MUST VETO" conference at Atlanta City Hall...

I would go into more detail but I think you can guess their arguments for not wanting this or that about the bill.

We must call, call, call, call, call post this protest.

Now or never folks...

RUMOR is PERDUE will hold a press conference about the bill this afternoon around 6pm! that timing is real weird!
Everyone please make it a point to CALL and EMAIL TODAY in support of HB89. This legislation has passed both the House and Senate but Governor Perdue is receiving tremendous pressure from MARTA, The restaurant industry and now the City of Atlanta to VETO this bill. If you would like to read up on the bill and join the group that created and pushed for it please visit www.gacarry.org.

Please contact Governor Perdue with the information below.

Methods To Use

Web Form E-Mail: http://gov.georgia.gov/00/gov/contac...820188,00.html

Snail Mail (USPS):
The Office of the Governor
State of Georgia
203 State Capitol
Atlanta, Georgia 30334




Just say NO to Wal-Mart,PayPal,Plastic Guns and BIG Government :)

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