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Originally Posted by Rich Kaminski View Post
It is a good round for hunting hogs. Thats what I use it for in the swamp. My nephew killed 5 hogs using his. Semiauto, no kick, I get 1" groups with mine at 100 yards. I have also taken deer and coyotes with mine. I believe it would drop most black bears under 400 pounds with no problem.
I would guess that well over 90% of the bears killed in western NC over the decades have been killed with a .30-30. It's the only thing bear hunters ever used to carry. That included 500-600+ lb bears. The 7.62x39 is pretty close to a .30-30 ballistically. Bears aren't that hard to kill, they often drop easier than a deer of the same size.

I would not hunt grizzly bears, moose, or any such critters with one.
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