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3 acres is not enough land to hunt with a gun. I own 3 1/2 acres and I can stand in the middle of it and see property line and houses in 3 directions from the wooded part of the land.The house and yard is about half acre and 3 acres of woods. I feed the deer and enjoy watching them but I do not hunt it. With children in neighborhood that may not know the property lines it could be very dangerous to be in their own yard. With only 3 acres and you are hunting in the very center of it how far is it to the property line? Use the bow. You need to make the neighbors aware of what you plan to do. If you have a deer leave you property and enter neighbors you have to have permission to enter their property to retrieve your deer, and they DO NOT have to grant you permission. If you hunt that close to my property with a rifle and the deer came onto my land I would just say thanks for providing meat for my family.

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