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Originally Posted by frankwright View Post
Sounds like you got it where you want it. Mine is similar except I did the trigger work and added a light since I pig hunt with it too.
I have a kydex hip holster but still considering something else.
I thought I wanted a chest holster but made a mock one and did not like it. I tried several leg holsters but did not like having so many buckles. I do not like the typical waist holster because when sitting, pulling the gun out required I sit forward. I wanted something that was easy on and off because I walk in wearing jeans and pull on my coveralls once I get to the tree. I have settled on a Blackhawk case with the duty type lowered waist mount. It lowers the gun app 5 inches for normal belt carry however it has 2 deep fingers that I often slide over a belt or just slide into my pocket loop. Since they are deep, it's not going anywhere. Once in a tree, I have a external belt outside my coveralls that I slide the fingers over and I leave the belt almost loose, which hangs the barrel between my legs. I like it this way however it needs two hands to remove unless you tighten the belt. They claim the consumer Blackout does not fit the "duty" models, that they don't interchange but they do. The screws will be 1/8 to long requiring a washer. The duty model has two screws that lock it in place on a "duty belt" which I removed. I'll take a pic sometime and post it here. I like it because the length of the gun causes it to hang better. The normal Blackout holster that comes with it is way to high for my liking.
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