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Back in the early 80's I started hunting our family land down in Pine Mountain. I was sitting in the tree right at daybreak and I hear lions roaring, real lions. Made my skin crawl. It turns out the Wild Animal Safari that keeps lions among other things is just a couple of miles away and when the lions roar at daybreak that means it's feeding time.

Another time I was sitting in a tree at daybreak and there was heavy fog. Fog so thick I could barely see the ground at the base of my tree. I catch movement on the ground and look down. This big brown thing waddles up out of the fog, stops at the base of my tree, sniffs around, rises up on its' hind legs and sniffs my tree then waddles on off into the fog. First time I had ever seen a bear in the wild up close and personal.

Back in the late 70's me and a buddy were walking in to our stands on a logging road with more of that thick fog. A coyote ran across the road right in front of us. I had never heard of coyotes in Georgia back then and neither had my buddy. We both looked at each other with that wide eyed "What the....!!!!" look on our faces and asked each other "Did you see that? What was it?"

Thick fog bugs me to this day.
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