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Default Thermacell pad replacement experiment

I have been looking for an economical way to refill my spent pads (yes I know the cut the pad in half trick) I ran across some information on the web and am currently trying it out. Here are the first hours results and how I did it (on the deck as I type this):
1. Leave a spent pad on the thermacell. I found a real old one in my bag so to ensure it was used up.
2. Went to walmart and bought the coleman mosquito coils. There are 10 in a pack for $1.99.
3. Take one of the coils and break them into pieces such that one piece fits into one of the grates of the thermacell. Fill all the grates up with a piece of coil.
4. In real world application, you tie a piece of cotton cloth around the grates of the thermacell to keep the pieces from falling out if you tipped it over. For my experiment, I just put it on the chair beside me. I will use the cotton if this works.
5. Fire up the thermacell and see what happens.
Initial observations: no visible smoke like a new pad but does have the same "pad" smell as it warms, though not as strong. I came out earlier to see if mosquitos were out and got hit three times in about a minute. Have been out for about 45 minutes now and not a bug around since thermacell was warm. I am convinced these coils will work in this application, but I am gonna keep it running another couple of hours to see if it lasts. If it does, this will be a very cheap pad replacement. I will update later to let you know the results

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