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Originally Posted by dixiecutter View Post
like i'm gonna drive my truck down in the woods and get out and see where the wind is? I've never left home out without checking the wind. Before they invented the internet me and Dad looked at the weatherman on tv. I think couple dudes on here owe you,me and my Dad and some others an appology. Anybody that thinks checking the wind in advance is not ok, is an total stupid moron idiot. how's that for strong words?
I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying. Yes, I'll look in advance myself to get a general idea. But, what I see on the TV or an internet app or on my front porch is not usually what I see when I get to where I'm hunting.

In flat country, the apps might work better. But when you factor in a maze of ridges, hollers, and creek bottoms, the wind behaves like it wants to. And it may be blowing a different way a hundred yards away. Not to mention thermals-most places I hunt, the wind will often change directions as soon as the sun comes up and the air starts warming. I still trust what I see myself over what Willard the weatherman sitting in a city fifty miles away; or Siri, the little electronic person who lives in my cellphone, tells me.
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