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Huntstand lite is a great, great app that keeps getting better. To answer some folks on here, no it will not tell you what the wind is doing in a specific area at any given moment because of terrain and tree lines and field edges and swales etc. It will however tell you what the prevailing wind is expected be at any given hour of the day, which in turn helps me choose what stand to hunt.

If it's a stand or area I've never hunted, I wont know 100% for sure what the wind is going to do until I get there, but I can promise that I wont choose a stand without knowing what the prevailing wind is, and whether I use huntstand, weather.com, google or my middle finger I'm gonna have a good idea before I slide into an area.

Btw, I also still keep a string tied to my bow limb that tells me what the faintest thermals are doing at that exact second. I do that so that I know if I will have a minute to enjoy looking at a deer before I have to shoot
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