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I have an Electric Club Car. I have added alot of mods to it. It is a Bad you know what. Its 48 volt club car with a D&D 18.7 horse power motor with a 500 amp axe controller. 12 inchs of lift, getting ready to put a set of 26 inch tires on it. It will run 21 mph. From a standing stop it will almost flip over backwards when you kick it. It will ride a wheelie about 10 to 15 feet. It has an impressive amount of low end power. It will out run and out pull my buddies gas clubcar by a large margin. When you pull the govener off a gas cart to gain topend you will over rev it and blow it up. Most of the time when you pull the govner you will have to adjust it for either lowend power or topend power not both at the same time with a stock 290 motor. If you get the option you want the 350 or 400 motor in the club car. I have never killed mine and I regularly ride 10+ miles a day. If you ride more than that maybe gas would be a better option.

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