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Originally Posted by Artfuldodger View Post
True but at some point we must decide if Heaven is physical or spiritual. Also in relation to this is the condition we will be when we get there, physical or spiritual.
Jesus ascended there physically.

Maybe it's somewhere in between the physical and spiritual realm. Bodies of flesh and bone walking down literal streets with fountains of water. Gardens, music, beautiful things we can't imagine. A virtual physical place maybe. Spiritual but experienced in a physical way we are familiar with. I think we'll be able to touch things, smell things, see things, and hear things in a remarkable new way. Beyond what we experience now.

Personally, I think it's physical but maybe God has abandoned all the science we need on this earth. In the new heaven and/or new earth we won't need science. No blood will be needed. Yet, we'll be in a body of flesh and bones. Just as Jesus was. Just as Jesus is.
But we won't be tied down to the restrictions of science.
I am expecting the garden of eden scenario
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