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Originally Posted by 1gr8bldr View Post
Wow, you grasp at everything. We know very little about Eden. What it was like, would have been like, etc. What I know of heaven was that Adam had a real relationship with God, the very reason God created man. Walked among them. This is what I think of when I think of heaven. Jesus has regained this that Adam lost. I don't think I will sweat over a heaven with a forbidden fruit or one with it removed.
I can see to a point what you are saying. Jesus came to restore what Adam lost. Eden is where Adam lived.
There is something there to this relation.

I would enjoy spending eternity in a restored garden but how does this appear spiritually with a restored city?

True the main part is walking with God but why is there this description of a city? It sounds more like a replacement of what Israel lost than Adam. A New Jerusalem, a restored Jerusalem.

From Eden to the New Jerusalem? I can see something. Something is there. Perhaps even working a temple into the equation. Cultivate, keep, serve, guard. Creation, covenant.
It's definitely there.

We don't know what Eden was, we don't know what the New Jerusalem will be. Spiritual? Physical?
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