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Originally Posted by 1gr8bldr View Post
Wow, you grasp at everything. We know very little about Eden. What it was like, would have been like, etc. What I know of heaven was that Adam had a real relationship with God, the very reason God created man. Walked among them. This is what I think of when I think of heaven. Jesus has regained this that Adam lost. I don't think I will sweat over a heaven with a forbidden fruit or one with it removed.
Yes. What you are describing is what we have NOW, through Jesus. This is only the "earnest" of our inheritance. The full inheritance is yet to come. This is what I've been trying to help you see. That you are underestimating and cheapening the full inheritance by declaring only the earnest. I hope this doesn't offend you as my only intention is to help. Bless you brother.
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