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Originally Posted by Miguel Cervantes View Post
Who's arm are they going to use to determine how long that 'cubit' is?
I'm not sure, wouldn't they have a standard of human measurements? At least it shows something physical with dimensions. A new city descending from above.

This is interesting;

The angel's measurement (vv. 15-21) reveals that the city's great, high wall rises to a height of 144 cubits (about 216 feet), which is impressive enough for an ordinary city, but ridiculously small for a city 1500 miles high! Consequently the NIV renders the measurement as 144 cubits thick (see also Beckwith 1922:761). This is unlikely because (1) the first mention of the wall (v. 10) called attention to its great height, not its strength or thickness, and because (2) the wall is not built for protection or to keep people out, for its gates are always open (v. 25). Moreover, the word "thick" is not in the text, which says simply "144 cubits." The correct interpretation is "144 cubits high" (as in the NIV margin).
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