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Originally Posted by snookdoctor View Post
Make sure that the $9.25 is not a minimum charge before thinking about changing the light. LED, or anything else won't be a benefit if the power company won't maintain it, and you still have a minimum charge.
I'll check but the last bill showed the same kwh charge cost on the light as my other total power. They show the light as a separate cost. The yard light is a service provided and is strictly voluntary by the customer so if I ask them to stop it they will and the charge goes away. I would then install my own light and would have to maintain it myself.
The current light is powered overhead and they would probably remove the line. I would then have to run power to the pole for the new light. I don't know what that would cost and would need to know the cost of the new light as well as the sensor. I wonder about the lifetime of the LED and how often I would need to replace it.
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