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There used to be a guy named Stan Crigger from Smyrna that targeted the really big trout on the Hooche back in the '70's. There were articles about him in the old Ga. Sportsman magazine and maybe one in GON also.
His method was free floating big nightcrawlers under the largest submerged logs and undercut banks that he could find. He fished alot between Lovett and Plant Atkinson, I think. He always had pics of 8 and 10 pounders at an old bait shop on South Cobb Drive. I tried his method on multiple occasions and was never able to duplicate his results, and although I caught a bunch of big browns, I never caught one that was 8 or 10.
Before they started stocking the stripers in West Point, we would flatten landing nets and scrape the face of Morgan Falls Dam for crawfish. These were good baits for big fish in that section of the river, down to 41.
Good luck! I'd like to hear how you do.
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