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Thank you for your quick response, I will try to go this week and have everything checked out at a shop, my intentions were to try and make it through this season and give my bow a complete make-over this winter, including going up to the 340 spine fmj arrows but as I had 18 400 shafts I thought I would try to make them work.

I contemplated dropping my draw weight down to see if the 400's flew any better to see if that was the problem but I will probably hold off if I'm able to have a shop get me in fairly quickly.

I love my old muzzy heads, I tried shooting NAP bloodrunners a few years ago but after shooting two deer and having blades break off I decided to go back to a muzzy, I just like the thoughts of having a fixed blade head...I'm not completely opposed to using a mechanical broadhead but I sort of lost faith in them after the issues I had with those but I do know thousands of people shoot and swear by them, do you have any advice on a head that might fly better than my muzzys and be a little more forgiving to flaws in my form?

Thanks again
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