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I am in the same spot, about to get dumped by BC/CensoredCensored but nearing Medicare age. The funny thing is I am getting dumped in one mailing from the Blues and the next day they are trying to sell me their Medicare Supplement. Any chance this big freezing cold front later this week is going as far as Hades?
When I saw my doc a couple weeks ago he said Kaiser was enrolling a lot of private docs into their panels in order to accommodate new customers losing their Blues policies. I would check with your docs to see if they are going to start being able
to see Kaiser patients. Unfortunate for me I live too far outside Atlanta to enroll in Kaiser.
Fortunately a local agent somehow arranged for us to latch onto a Cigna network. Other than that we would go the religious sharing network, which this agent uses for his own family and recommends.
Good luck.
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