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Default Stevens 335 SxS Shotgun Barrels Shootable?

I got a Stevens 335 shotgun last year. I've shot skeet loads in it without problem, but I've been afraid to shoot anything heavier in it. In toying with the idea of turkey hunting with it I started trying to research them, I find all this info about some of them having Demascus/laminated barrels and being dangerous to shoot. The barrel has no markings except for a serial # stamped on the bottom. The serial is A50## which matches the number stamped on every other part also. The side Says J Stevens Arms so I know it was made after 1916. Anyone got any information in these guns and can school me on how to know if this is a laminated barrel and if it's safe to shoot. All my internet searching, and I've done it extensively, hasn't been much help on this gun.
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