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Originally Posted by Miguel Cervantes View Post
Another employer mandate buzz kill for Obamacare funding is this. Large employee based companies, well over 50, have the option to pay a $25k penalty and go on down the road instead of paying $2500 per employee. No brainer there. They'll pay the penalty and keep their own insurance contracts. Obamacare will starve to death from lack of funding.

The bad thing this leaves is exactly what Romney kept repeating in his campaign and debates. Those that are with companies smaller than 50 employees will bear the burden of paying $2500 for insurance. This sector of employees covers 90% of the middle class, which is exactly what we were being warned of, it being the largest tax increase on the Middle Class ever.

Y'all have fun with this Socialist Administration you re-elected. It is here to stay, and will merely morph to fit the obstacles it encounters in order to pay for itself. Before Obama is out of office don't be surprised if your 401k's have been pillaged in order to further monetize the debt, your income taxes hit 50% for middle income families, and the true jobless rate hits 20% (the real rate, not the Gov. altered smoozer rate).

Ah the good ol' days.

Under a functioning capitalist system with Republicans in the house that were not transgendered by loss of their boys, instead of the government trying to provide for all, we would have had the Interstate Commerce clause re-written to allow Insurance Companies to compete across state line, thus lowering prices through competition.

But instead, we are stuck with a nationwide crisis that will never go away.
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