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Originally Posted by Trent Gunnell View Post
It's amazing to me that a certain core area can hold that many foxes. I am surprised that he didn't wipe them out over a period of time. Certainly I don't know how far his range was that he trapped, but it must have been huge!
Pennsylvania’s Phil Brown might be the best fox trapper of all time. From November through January, no matter how cold, wet, muddy or miserable it is, Brown is out there laying down the steel.
“Come fall some guys live for deer hunting,” says Brown. “I trap.”

Last season Brown logged a daily average of 190 miles in his Toyota pickup. He walked untold miles to make 9,247 sets and caught 1,202 red foxes—888 of which he dried and stretched himself.
On his best day on the line, Brown caught 30 foxes in 90 sets. (He owns more than 5,000 traps, mostly Victor #2s and Montgomery #1s.)
Almost all his foxes are caught in a simple dirt-hole set; he never uses bait, only Carmen-brand lures.

Last year marked the third time Brown, 47, put up more than 1,000 red foxes in a season—boosting his lifetime total to roughly 13,000. With prime red fox pelts fetching $15 to $21, Brown could gross as much as $25,000 from last season’s haul.—story written by Bob Butz
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