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Originally Posted by joelv38 View Post
nice! im new to this, im trying for a turkey, then ill look for a place to fish there. any advice where to fish with a 5 year old?
Stamp Creek used to be a really good trout stream. It has become a "catch every fish that was just dumped from the stocking truck" kind of stream. Nothing much to be found about an hour after the truck dumps them in.

The place to go is 1.5-2 miles up the dirt road across the creek from the check station on Stamp Creek Church Rd. If the gate is open, drive in. If not, then ride a horse, bike, or walk. There will be a side road to your left, with a concrete bridge. That is where they dump the stockers.

If you go there, check out the old furnace about 100 yds upstream of that concrete bridge, across the creek from the main dirt road. There are at least 3 more old furnace in Pine Log. One is right behind the check station, but it has collapsed pretty badly. The 2 other furnaces require some bushwhacking to get to, but are well worth the effort.
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