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Originally Posted by hobbs27 View Post
The events were small compared to every action of every man around the world at that time.
In your opinion, was God watching an Eskimo kill a seal for his family in which he had ordained to happen at the very moment He watched the Gentiles receive the HS as He had ordained to happen already?

Was He so concerned about a people that did not know Him, and would die without Him?
God needed to control the events of the Eskimo in order for him to survive in order to have the offspring of one of his elect.

If God knew that you were one of his children from the foundation of the earth, then he would have to make sure your parents and their parents survived long enough for you to be born.

Think about Abraham's lineage. Think about mother Mary's genealogy. It's not like she was chosen from the random stock of the Jewish towns people.
God had to ensure Mary would be born so that Jesus would be born.

I don't think any of the events in time were small. Saul had to become Paul.
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