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ran across some new plans today and thought I'd post the link in case anyone needs some winter projects:
Looks like the raccoons and possum would love it.
And one I drew up (excuse the shaky hand) for one made with a 55 gal drum mounted on a 4x4 post. Just dig a hole for the post, insert it in the ground with about 24 inches above ground. Bolt a piece of round plywood to the bottom of the barrel (or you can use a painted metal trashcan with lid) to add extra support on the bottom. Make 4 cutouts around the can or barrel about 4x4 inches or 5x5, bending the top piece of metal outward to shield from rain. Add some camo tape along the sides to protect the deer's noses. Add a funnel inside. Bolt the entire container to the top of the 4x4 post. The bigger the barrell, the higher the post, the fewer pest critters can get to the feed. Use a tight fitting lid and clean regularly.
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