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Default Buckeyes Plantation/Ace 3D calendar

Buckeyes Plantation in Social Circle will be hosting shoots on the following dates this year.....
Jan 18
Feb 8
Mar 22
April 19
May 10
June 14
July 26
Aug 16.
All ASA classes will be recognized, ASA rules apply. $20 for money class, $15 for all other adult classes, $10 for youth,$5 for kids 11 and under. $10 for fun shoot....
Registration will be easier this year, you can register at the shoot site, or at Ace Hardware in Social Circle. Shoot time is 9am-2pm. Last year was a good year, we want it to be better this time around. Lots of suggestions were offered, we encourage others this year. If you see anything that will make the shoot better, don't hesitate to let me or Tom know. I am going to handle the internet part of the game, posting scores, making announcements...etc.

Tentatively, the shoot in April will also be sponsored by Elite Archery, and the money class will have something special, something big,just for that shoot. I will post more details when they are available, and will post a flyer for that particular shoot. Gonna be a big one!!!

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