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I have had one for almost 10 years, Was proberly US made then, I did notice that when ever I bought any replacement parts from the depot, they always wore out fast, I did a complete REBUILD on the Chain, the blade and small screws , spark pulg filters ect about 3 years ago using only direct purchase parts I got from them POLAN and the thing runs fine. They have a major distribution center in Gerogia, might be worth a call.

As a side note My Homelite leaf blower from the depot did the same thing with the cord, when I went to take it back, I got the same story you got, I solved the problem by going to the manager and asking who the rep was from the company that services the store, He gave me the guys number , called him, He gave me 2 options, either they would let it get fixed at a local repair shop to be fixed at their expense or bring it back to the store to be held till he gets through next time. I took the leave it at the store, went back a few days later, brand new one waitting for me in a box----- I never used it but sold it off and purchased a backpack type the next fall

From what I heard there is a small " finger " near the recoil spring that snaps off alot and that causes the issue on lots of recoil stuff

Get in contact with the represenative , you might be suprised

Good Luck
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