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Originally Posted by Darkhorse View Post
That's the way to do it...start with the best.

But check out your gunsmith real good. A buddy of mine contracted with a gunmaker he met at an arts and crafts fair. The guy said all the right things I guess cause my buddy just plunked down his money.
His rifle ended up being a piece of c***! He brought me the rifle to tune the lock as the trigger pull was gritty and real heavy. I took the lock out and the inside was almost rusted beyond saving. Just a couple of weeks from the builder.
I told him to send it back to the builder. There was other things wrong with the rifle too.
I don't know Tom Watson but if Muldoon recommends him then I'd check him out.
Tom is from Georgia; builds excellent ML and has been so for over 40 years. His son is also building now and based upon Tom's ethical bearing I'd venture to say...."Like father....like son!" I purchased a flintlock from Tom couple years ago and the quality of work is excellent and the rifle is a proverbial tack-driver of .50 caliber!
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