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Smile My new long range popgun.

Was delivered to me yesterday.

It was built by Kevin Rayhill at Stockade Gun Stocks. http://www.stockadegunstocks.com/

I had Brux Barrels send a 6mm barrel blank directly to Kevin. At the same time I sent my Coplan hard rifle case with a Savage Target action with the left load port and right eject bolt with the target accu-trigger.

I had Kevin turn the contour, bore the chamber for .271 no neck turn 6mm Norma BR. so I can touch the lands with 107 gr. Berger & smaller to maybe 80 gr(?). He also threaded it and cut it to 26" and crown the end. I asked him not to blueprint the action to save a few nickels. Then he assembled everything into one of his Prairie Dog Special/Tactical stocks that he put a third pillar and glass bedded it for me. I asked him not to finish and paint the stock so I could save some more nickels. (Looks like very little filling and sanding). I had him add the rail under the forearm so the bipod could be adjustable. I also had the adjustable cheek piece added along with a flush mounted swivel stud added under the butt stock so it would slide on the rear bag better.

When I talked to him before he sent it he told me that he shot 7 rounds using Varget and Berger 105 gr. Match VLDs at 100 yards. First two shots to get on the bullseye and then 5 shots for group size. This was never fired Lapua brass. He said I have a "HUMMER". The group measured .084". WOW!!

To say the very least I am very excited.

I bought 4 cans of spray paint and will take before, during and after finished pictures of it and post them here for all to see.

"Aim small miss small",


PS: If I had gotten the action from him I would have saved more nickels too.
Total $1443.00 including shipping.
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