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Originally Posted by emusmacker View Post
Hey germag, crotalus can possibly bite through the boots, such as ratllers, especially the diamond backs, and some timber, but the copper heads and cotton mouths are not in the crotalus genus, they are agkistrodon genus and have smaler fangs. Tennis dhoes definately but good leather boots prolly not.
I did not say that copperheads and cottonmouths belong to the genus Crotalus. I said they are crotalid snakes. That is a term used by herpetologists to describe pit vipers in general. BTW...for future reference, when you are referencing latin names, here are the rules:

1. The entire trinomial or binomial should be either italicized or underlined if an italics font is not available.

2. Only the genus name should be capitalized

3. After the genus name has been mentioned once in the text, it can be abbreviated. The same applies to the species name if the name is a trinomial. So, if we are talking about Crotalus viridis nuntius for instance, the first time it's mentioned in the text it would be fully spelled out as above. The second time you could just say C. v. nuntius. Then, if you were talking about another subspecies, such as the type, you could just say C. v. viridis.

4. If you are speaking of all of the subspecies or species included in a genus, but not any one in particular, you can just say Crotalus ssp. or Crotalus sp.

If you are talking about pit vipers in general, you can just say "crotalid snakes" (no italics), which is really sort of a throwback from an earlier taxonomy and classification of the group in which they were in the family Crotalidae, subfamily Crotalinae. Now they are classified under the family Viperidae, subfamily Crotalinae. You will also sometimes seen them referred to as "Crotaline snakes". Both are accepted nomenclature.
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