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My dad was born n 1915 around Talking Rock Ga. His dad was a farmer and they moved to Colquitt County during the depression. He tells about riding on a train with the mules on the trip down. My granddad never had much money. But they had a huge vegetable garden, milked cows, raised chickens and had a smoke house that was well stocked, with hams and Bacon from the hogs he raised. I can still remember the soap they made out of lard and pot ash. When my Granddad died in 1980, he still had mules and a milk cow. I spent a lot of my younger years on that farm and looking back now I realize it was a window to the past. My aunt, lived there too and to this day, I have never had as good a fried chicken, biscuits with churned butter, and fresh vegetables out of the garden in the summer, and the ones canned for the winter. I would crawl under the house and get potatoes that were kept there during the winter.
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