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My Grandparents, born in 1902, lost one of their 2 farms they had during the Depression. The farm that they were able to keep was on a river, which flowed down stream from a moderate sized city about 10 miles away.

They didn't have 2 nickles to rub together, but they always had food ... food that they raised. My Grandmother would talk about the times people would come down river from the city, looking for work, where there was none to be had. She said that they would come to their house, which was usually late in the day and she'd feed them with whatever she had and put them up in the hay mow, for the evening.

Many years later a few who had stopped by had come back and brought her a small token of their appreciation. Just something simple, but it meant a lot to my Grandmother.

She was a modest, Scottish woman, no bigger than 5 feet tall, but I always looked up to her.
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