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Many people don't buy a rifle even considering resale value. They're not gun traders. They buy em' and keep em. Resale value on most deer hunting rifles is rotten, especially when they belong to me. I expect my handguns and target rifles to hold a certain value, but hunting rifles are a different story. That Hawkeye you mentioned, would be harder for me to sell than a comparable Abolt. We definitely agree on the Boss. It kills the resale value for most rifles, no matter whose name is on it. The best way to buy a deer rifle is used. Wait till mid Feburary and see how many "never been to the woods" rifles hit the market. With all the new low cost tack drivers being marketed by Savage, Marlin, and TC now, how much will anyone pay for any used bolt rifle? I own both A Bolts and Hawkeyes', ain't neither of them would jump off the shelf for anywhere near what they sold for new.
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