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Well - with all that experience you should know that once Ruger started making the MK II they brought the production of the barrels in house. Ruger has been making their own barrels for nearly 20 years now.

Originally Posted by chuckdog View Post
The man asked which rifle between the two he listed. I assume that's what he'd like to hear about? I don't think people buy a new Browning Eclipse or No.1 Ruger thinking about reselling it. It's been my experience that no matter what brand you buy, any deer rifle bought new and sold within the first few years after purchase, you can expect to lose your "donkey". I think we should try and stay on topic. My vote would be for the Browning based on accuracy. Most out of the box A Bolts will out shoot any No.1 that I've personally owned. I love the No. 1 for many reasons, but tack driving accuraccy ain't one em.
I asked my original question because it's kind of like asking if I want a Mercedes sedan or a 370z. Both are good in their own right, but it's a rather apples and oranges combination. I've only owned one #1, and it's strangely accurate for what it is. I wouldn't have expected a #1A with a thin barrel in 7x57 to be an easy sub MOA gun, but it is. In fact my experience with all newer Ruger rifles has been pretty good and I used to be one of the biggest Ruger bashers out there.

To me it would just make a lot more sense to be comparing an A-Bolt to a Remington 700, Tikka T3, Ruger M77, Sako, etc.
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