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Originally Posted by pasinthrough View Post
If you can't get the pocket side screws out because you broke the heads off, then take the bow down or have your dealer do that and have a machine shop drill and re-tap the riser for you.

I think that's what I got out of your post. Can't for the life of me figure out how you ended up breaking the bolts off... that takes a lot of torque.
My local dealer is taking care of it for me. I was a bit disappointed with Obsession's response, but my dealer was awesome. I broke it down and he is sending the riser in to be re-tapped. I was shocked at how little torque it actually took - I think the bolt was defective.

To clarify, on my previous bows you had to loosen the limb pocket screws on the side before adjusting the draw weight via the main limb bolt. On an Obsession, you don't loosen the side screws first - you just start turning the main limb bolt.
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