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Originally Posted by rjcruiser View Post
Sounds to me like the company and dealer are doing what they should do.

You say you're disappointed with the response you got....what do you think they should have done?
I was disappointed because I emailed them three times over the course of 10 days with no response. Upon calling the only response they gave me on the phone was "we cannot help you, please contact your dealer". I bought the bow from a dealer out of state and didn't think it made sense to send it to Ohio to be shipped back to GA.

In a perfect world they would have agreed to look at it, give me a quote for re-tapping the riser, and fix a couple of warranty issues (finish is flaking off and the faulty roller guard tore up my custom strings).

Fortunately I met a local dealer who was willing to help me out as he regularly travels to the factory. It will still be expensive, but as I stated in my first post I understand it was my mistake.

The point of my original post was not to dog Obsession, but more to serve as a warning to another DIYer like me not to adjust the limb pocket screws on an Obsession.

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