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Originally Posted by WaterwackerSiah View Post
Does anyone know a ballpark cost for leasing land (200 acres) out of state, say in Arkansas, MS or Missouri.

What about just buying some land outright with a group of people?

Am curious if people have bought land out west who live in Georgia and feel like it is worth it to hunt there maybe 2-3 weeks out of the year.

Having a family, job and other responsibilities it would be hard to justify it, unless you could share the cost with a few friends.

My questions to you would be "How much free time do you have," and "how quickly could you pack up and head out of state?" There was a time in my life I could just pack up and head out whenever I wanted. That was great because my buddies out there would call me to tell me the birds were there. I packed my stuff, headed that way, and stayed until the birds moved out and/or the action slowed down. If you are in a position to do that, then a lease is great, as long as you trust the guys you are in it with to shoot you straight. If you only have so many days off and you have to plan the days you are going to hunt weeks or months in advance, you may end up going out there when the weather and birds just don't cooperate. If you have tons of time off to hunt and plenty of money, the best route is have the lease but then keep your boat out there and hunt public land during the week if you need to. The frustrating thing about a lease is you may ride out there and see thousands of birds in a spot and hour before you get there, and then get to your spot and there is nothing there. Just, because you have a lease in Mississippi, Arkansas, or any other flyby state, doesn't mean there are always going to be birds on it when you go out there to hunt. There have been plenty of times we spent the night at the house on the club and then drove and hour to public land to hunt, because that is where the birds were at the time.
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