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Originally Posted by WaterwackerSiah View Post
Does anyone know a ballpark cost for leasing land (200 acres) out of state, say in Arkansas, MS or Missouri.

What about just buying some land outright with a group of people?

Am curious if people have bought land out west who live in Georgia and feel like it is worth it to hunt there maybe 2-3 weeks out of the year.

Having a family, job and other responsibilities it would be hard to justify it, unless you could share the cost with a few friends.
The lease is honestly the cheapest cost. They'll run around $5k for a pit blind in a field maybe 80-100 acres split between 4-8 guys sometimes there's a limit on guys per blind.

Main cost is in the atv/sxs, trailer, fuel, hotel and food while you're out there. It cost us about $250 a guy every weekend and that was 3 guys splitting a hotel and gas.

4 trips out there and you could have another lease...
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