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The cold temps aren’t the only issue in spotted sea trout mortality, it is also important to know how fast the the waters dropped below the critical point. Another issue is how long the temps stay down. You folks had freezing rain, if that hits at low tide, rising tidal waters get very rapidly cooled as the waters come up over frozen ice covered tidal flats and near empty stream beds.

The CRD/DNR is requesting fishermen voluntarily release all sea trout in order to maximize the future of spawning stock. Think about it, if the fish are hit that hard, issue emergency regulations and shut that fishery down completely.

There was a critical freeze back in the early ‘80’s and it took three year for fishing to come back close to “normal”. Fishing pressure on trout is much, much higher now so the fishery recovery time span could be significantly longer. Shut down the fishery completely until it can be determined how damaged it is.
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