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Originally Posted by hobbs27 View Post
That has been an argument for a long time. I think it has more to do with genetics than soil. Kentucky has proven that to Tennessee. Kentucky started getting a lot more quality bucks when they reduced the limit to one. This made the legal hunters (majority) more picky about the buck they take..cause when you take it, its over. This in turn increased the age structure.
I may be able to find the online debate about this between two biologist...but to make a long story short the TN biologist made his argument about KY having better soil.....he forgot about all that poor soil on the eastern side of the state, and was nailed on that fact because even the east side of KY was producing bigger bucks just by limiting people to one buck.
What kind of agriculture does kentucky have compared to Tennessee? Good soil helps but it is what is grown in the soil that grows the bigger bucks. Yes genetics plays a role, but even bad genetics do much better when they are fed a good diet!
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