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Awesome Read Kyle! I knew you would do our adventure justice. It has been a little over a year since I decided I wanted a totally new hunting experience and committed myself to learning how to hunt the beautiful mountains of my home State. Early on I sought a lot of advice from the great group of mountain hunters on this forum, and am proud to call several friend. Additionally, I burned a lot of boot leather almost every weekend of the past year trying to become familiar with my new hunting ground.

For most of my 30 years of hunting I have hunted small leases for deer and turkey only. Over the past year I have seen a handful of bears in the woods, and had never even seen a wild hog until 3 months ago during small game season.

This past Saturdays' hunt is what this forum is all about. Hunters helping Hunters and new friendships being formed. I have had a couple of chances on hogs over the past few months, but after losing a nice boar a few weeks ago only to find it days later I still had not put any meat in the freezer. Kyle new of my struggles and was gracious enough to invite me along and give me first shot after he had already walked 12 miles in the past two days doing all of the scouting.

This was my first animal taken on public land. Everything about this hunt was awesome. I was as giddy as a youngster shooting his first spike buck. I wish I had discovered the mountains in my backyard a little sooner, but better late than never. Thanks Kyle for your insight and generosity. I owe you big time.
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