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Originally Posted by Taylor Co. View Post
The man seems to be able to design bows that people want. With that being said, there definitely is a pattern. I never knew that he didn't own that Co..of course I never did a lot of research. I mean his name was used with this Co..I followed that long thread on AT..It appears that he'll have to compete with a Co. with his own name on it. That is if he wants to have his own Co. which is what he said on AT.
What a Soap-Opera!!!
How could anyone keep up and not be confused whenever Kevin speaks.

He "left" Bowtech, but before he left he announced on AT that a new company was being formed by his wife, and she was designing the bows. It was her company......or maybe not exactly, and maybe she was not exactly designing the bows........

Then he "leaves" Elite to "start his own company." He even stated on AT that he would be there forever because "the company had his name on it." Ok, well, maybe stating it was his company was a little exaggeration.......or blatant lie.
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