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Originally Posted by RipperIII View Post
Take this for what it's worth,...this was my 4th deer season, I saw more bucks than does by over a 2-1 ratio...not complaining, saw at least 3 different shooter bucks but circumstances prevented me from taking a shot.

The thought did cross my mind as to the apparent lack of doe sightings,...don't know if I should be concerned or not.

We hunt 1240 acres in Butts co.
We Normally take 1-2 bucks, and about 6 doe each year.
We took 3 bucks and 4 doe this year.

Personally, I did not take a single deer here in Ga.

I saw some great action, but not near the numbers.
With ratios like that, we would we better off to allow people to kill more bucks than does. I like to let em grow so I never thought I would be saying this, but Id rather see the doe tags lowered and the "any-sized" buck tags increased.
We all know this but; you take several bucks out of a heard and other buck will pick up the slack, a doe lost is a fawn lost...
I hear the cliche"Were you raised in a barn"? when a door is left opened, someone that spent their childhood around barns, actually become very acute at NOT leaving things open.
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