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Originally Posted by JB0704 View Post
And I believe you, and I also believe there are many others like you who regulate themselves. This board is full of good folks who have the best interest of the deer herd in mind. We just disagree on what that involves.

I tried to be very clear ealier in this thread that I was not questioning anybody's intentions or education. I believe the folks at WRD have good intentions and know TONS more than I do about this stuff. I guess the best way to put it is that I do not trust hunters to "do the right thing" as much as they do. This could be because I was raised in a hunting environment where game law violations were common, deer were shot just because they were deer, and folks were not embarassed to admit to killing over their limit (of bucks and does back then). I knew several road hunters, and one fella who would shoot them under a street light. So, for me at least, it is difficult to accept the goodness of men as the primary regulator of our deer herd.

My hunting experience began in the late 80's. So my perspective is based on that time frame. In those 20+ years, I would say the last 5+ have been the worst from a numbers perspective. That's all. Just my input.

Thanks for your perspective. I do appreciate getting insight from those who have been around a lot longer than me, whether I agree or not.
Sorry to chime in so late but one thing I would like to express that I think may help you understand this ...

Statictics is in fact the very best way to manage a deer herd. When using a computer model based off of a properly formed statistical equation it accounts for every variable known to man. i.e. number of poached deer, number of deer lost by predation, number of deer lost to natural causes, number of deer lost to human encroachment, etc..This information is not gathered from each hunter but rather a sample size (x) from hunters in many different regions of the state and the combination of many small sample sizes gives a very accurate look into the larger picture. By taking sample sizes from different areas you are also taking into accout for other variables without realizing it such as human population of those areas, location specific causes. etc.

This in return gives DNR a very accurate reading of the State of Georgia as a whole. They do not try and manage it county by county as that is not applicable for this need.

If you do live in an area with a high concerntration of local location specific causes of population decimation then that is unfortunate for you. However if you travel an hour up the road you may find more deer than you can imagine.

The management of the overall Georgia deer herd is the goal of Georgia's DNR not of your hunting lease. If people around you take the limit each year it could easily lower your local deer herd. However that limit is based on a state wide target size herd. It takes people killing the full limit and lowering local populations, meanwhile otheres are not shooting any leaving dense populations in some areas to get DNR to it's overall goal of (x) population. I'm sorry you hunt an area that maintians a lower population due to the legal limits being fulfilled but it has to happen somewhere.

The statistical equation is as follows when using multiple variables if you would like to play around with it some, if I remember it correctly....

y/z= B +B x +B x^2+B x^3...etc...+n
0 1 2 3
It would be much more detailed than that for such a matter but thats the basic.

like you I have been hunting since the 80's and have seen a great increase in deer everyyear since then in south GA.
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