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Originally Posted by NG ALUM View Post
like you I have been hunting since the 80's and have seen a great increase in deer everyyear since then in south GA.
Thanks for the stats info. I think there is a line here between those who have plenty of deer and those who don't. The only thing that is frustrating is the idea that the "have nots" are not good hunters, have not been responsible hunters, or have little perspective. Across this argument is a wide range of experience, ability, and location. Perhaps there is logic to be found in both? Certainly facts can be used in both directions.

As far as the approach the state takes to manage on a state wide level, not a local level, I do believe other states handle it in a much more local way, which seems to work out fine for them as well (that is just based on what I hear, I am sure there are two sides to that as well).

The only thing I can't get beyond is the responsibility given to hunters in this arrangement to "do the right thing," as well as the disregard for the small lease holder who is more vulnerable to irresponsible hunters than the large lease holder, who has a larger plot of land to manage. Here is an example:

I could have a 100 acre lease next to 3 other 100 acre leases with good intentions. 400 acres of well managed land there. But if any of these 4 leases are next to some goober on another 100 acre lease who shoots every deer that walks by, then all 5 leases lose. That is 500 acres, and if I remember the numbers correctly, less than 8 does should be taken to maintain the herd. Lets say the first 4 shoot one doe a piece, and the fifth guy shoots 5 (plenty of folks out there shoot 5 does every year, just using realistic numbers), well, the deer herd is going downhill. It's hard enough for folks to manage their own lease let alone everybody else's.

Aside from those two issues, I agree on all other points.
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